Best Practices for the Protection and Safety of Children and Youth

Requirements for all Teachers:


  • Application and Interview:
    Every prospective volunteer or employee must fill out an application, available from First Day School staff.  For those applicants that appear to meet the Meeting’s needs, a personal interview  by the FDS Hiring Committee will be the next step.
  • Criminal Background Check: 
    A criminal background check is required for all prospective and current adult workers.  The check will be done by the Meeting through a background check organization.  You may choose to donate the cost, or it will be paid for by the Meeting.  When you apply, you will be given the information and instructions regarding background screening.
  • References for New Teachers:
    New teachers need to present references.  At least two will be checked.  Please include any work with minors at other organizations.
  • Online Training:
    All teachers and prospective teachers and assistants must complete the Mandated Reporter Training for Colorado Educators, at   (If you can’t get started, you may need to remove your pop-up blocker for their website; directions on how to do this are on their website.)
    A certificate of completion (issued at the end of the training) must be received.  It will be maintained by the convener of the REC committee.

When you have completed the application, the background check and the training, please put all results into a folder marked with your name.  Then place that folder in the office of the Meetinghouse: either place your folder in the front of the drawer marked REC in the filing cabinet, on in the filing space marked REC above the cabinet.  Then please notify Susan Stephens and Judi Dressler by email that you have done this.  Thank you.

Friends Committee on National Legislation(FCNL)