The Boulder Friends Meeting Book Group began in September 2013, initiated by a Friend who wanted a time and place for spiritual discussions on literary topics. The group, which is open, meaning that someone can come for only one meeting, or attend them consistently, has met monthly since that time, excluding June (IMYM) and December (Holidays).

It was originally designed to be held in a Worship Sharing Format, but due to some Friends’ difficulty with this, it has evolved into a more free-ranging discussion, in which individuals can chime in with thoughts whenever so moved. Most months we have about 10 attending; Friends account for the bulk of those in the group, but we have a faithful Buddhist and were fortunate to have a former Nun attend our discussion of Karen Armstrong’s Spiral Staircase.

We have discussed themes, such as Nature, Sanctuary and Gratitude, an author who has written several books, and we each read whichever one we chose (Pema Chodron), non-fiction books like Ta Nehesi Coate’s Between the World and Me and fiction, including Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese and People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks. We have also read biography, notably of Margaret Fell and Elizabeth Fry. Please see the compete History of our books and themes to understand the breadth of our interests. Books or themes are decided a few months before, usually by consensus, and interested individuals are reminded monthly by email. As previously mentioned, all are welcome and can be added to the mailing list by emailing Rebecca (Becky) Hutchins at