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Procedures and Forms
Legal Documents
Organizational Information and Task Lists

These documents explain how the Meeting operates and offer guidance on how to get things done.  Most documents can be changed as needed by the Clerk or the responsible committee.  However, “policies” often include legal or financial requirements, so policy changes must be approved by the Meeting for Worship for Business.

Procedures and Forms

Conveners’ Guide:  Useful information for all those who lead (convene) a Meeting committee or are thinking of taking on a leadership role.

Closing Script for Meeting for Worship:  Used before we started hybrid (in-person and online) worship.  These procedures are evolving.

Miscellany Guidelines:  Purpose of the Meeting newsletter and guidelines for preparing articles for submission.

Quaker Activity Assistance Application:  Form for requesting financial assistance to attend official Quaker gatherings (such as Intermountain Yearly Meeting, Colorado Regional Meeting, or the Quaker Women’s Retreat).

Reimbursement Procedure for Meeting Expenses:  Instructions for requesting reimbursement when you have used your own funds to pay approved Meeting expenses.

Reimbursement for Official Travel & Training:  Expenditures to enable a Meeting officer or official representative to effectively fulfill job responsibilities.

Reimbursement Form for Meeting Expenses:  Fillable form to print or email to bookkeeper.  To submit by email, download the PDF to your computer and fill it out there, then send as an email attachment.

Web Guidelines:  Purpose of the Meeting website and guidelines for its use and management.


Building Use Policy: Use of our meeting house by Quaker groups or outside organizations.  (See also Building Rental Agreement and Building Use Coordinator Job Description).

Child Protection Policy:  Best practices for protection and safety of children and youth.

Financial Assistance Policies:  (Sources of Assistance)

Investment Policies and Objectives:  Management of the Meeting’s long-term financial assets.

Open Records Policy:  Requirements for maintenance of the Meeting’s records.

Principles Regarding Harrassment and Abuse:  Guidance for handling difficult relationships.


Annual Financial Reports:

FY 2023 Statement of Financial Position  (PDF)

FY2023 Statement of Financial Activities  (PDF)

FY2024 Budget – Final  (PDF)

FY2024 Committee Budget Narratives  (PDF)

FY2024 Schedule of Donations to Outside Organizations  (PDF)

Committed and Restricted Funds:  Description of special funds which accept earmarked donations.  All other donations are placed in the General Fund to support the Meeting’s current budget.

Boulder Meeting Finances 101:  Overview of Boulder Meeting’s financial record-keeping and procedures (from Program Hour, Jan. 28, 2018).

Legal Documents

Articles of Incorporation


Organizational Information and Task Lists

Good Order (Meeting Oversight) Schedule:  Schedule of tasks that must be performed at regular intervals.  The Associate Clerk will issue reminders to the responsible officers or committees.

Friends Committee on National Legislation(FCNL)