Individual Travel or Projects with Spiritual Purpose

Boulder Meeting attempts to provide financial assistance to individuals for certain types of individual travel, study or projects when funds are available.  Members and attenders can apply to the following sources:

For local and regional Friends gatherings:  The Meeting encourages broad participation in gatherings such as Intermountain Yearly Meeting (IMYM),  Colorado Regional Meeting, and the Quaker Women’s Retreat.  Participants in Quaker gatherings generally are expected to pay their own expenses for registration, travel, and lodging, unless they are financially unable to do so.  For those who cannot otherwise afford to attend, assistance is available through the Quaker Activities Assistance (QAA) budget.

For individual pursuits:  Two Committed Funds are available to assist members or attenders who feel strongly led towards spiritual seeking, service, or participation in Quaker-related activities not covered by the QAA.  (Examples of such Quaker activities: FGC, FWCC, FCNL, QUIT, YAF, Pendle Hill, Ben Lomond Center, AFSC work-camps, Sister Cities projects, Peace Jam.)

  • The Walton Spiritual Development Fund for educational activities, and
  • The Ruth Waskey Fund for special projects. 

See those fund descriptions for requirements and application procedures.  An accounting of how the funds provided by the Meeting were spent is required.  A Reimbursement Form with receipts for the actual expenditures should be presented to the Treasurer after the event.

All grants are subject to the General Financial Assistance Policy. 

[Note: This policy does not refer to travel or training which is necessary to enable a Meeting officer or official representative to effectively fulfill his/her job responsibilities.  Such costs are covered by the “Official travel and training” line item in the annual budget.  See “Reimbursement for Official Travel and Training”.]


Approved by Finance Committee:  Sep. 17, 2018

Responsible groups:  Finance Committee