Registration Form for Protected Page Access

Protected pages in our website provide access to documents and internal communications intended for our Meeting members and regular attenders.

If you are new to us and are interested in becoming a regular attender or member, please introduce yourself the next time you join us, during fellowship after the rise of Meeting.  That way, when you apply to access our protected pages below, we will know who you are!

If you would like to access protected pages in our website, please register below.  Include a username and password of your own choosing.  (Be sure that the password does not have any blank spaces, contains both upper and lower case letters, numbers, and at least one special character such as %, &, @, #, or $.)  Enter your email address.  Click “Submit” at bottom of the form.  Your registration will be considered for approval as soon as possible, at which point you will be notified.

NOTE:  Fields with a RED asterisk are required and must be filled in now.  All other fields can be filled in later once your login has been approved.  After you receive notice of approval, log in and go to the “Members” navigation link.  Choose “Friends Online Profiles”, search for your own profile and edit it.  We would appreciate your uploading a close-up photo and filling in the other fields once your login is approved.  That will keep our directory current and help us get to know one another. Thank you!


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