Quaker Testimonies

“Testimonies” are what Quakers call ways we have found to live and act based on our beliefs.  As a group, we find that listening to and following leadings of the Spirit leads to:

Integrity – living as whole people who act on what we believe, tell the truth, and do what we say we will do.

Simplicity – focusing on what is truly important and letting other things fall away.

Equality – treating everyone, everywhere, as equally precious to God, recognizing that everyone has gifts to share.

Community – supporting one another in our faith journeys and in times of joy and sorrow; sharing with and caring for each other.

Peace – seeking justice and healing for all people; taking away the causes of war in the ways we live.

Care for the earth – valuing and respecting all of God’s creation; using only our fair share of the earth’s resources; working for policies that protect the planet.

We do not always hear and follow Divine guidance; being in community with other Quakers helps us to be faithful.


(From Friends General Conference)