Reimbursement for Official Travel and Training

Travel or training which is needed to enable a Meeting officer or official representative to effectively fulfill his/her job responsibilities is supported through the “Official travel and training” line item in the annual budget (account #5615). 

In particular, every Clerk of Boulder Meeting is encouraged to attend a Clerking workshop provided at Pendle Hill, PA, or the Ben Lomond Center, CA.  A Clerk or Associate Clerk can simply submit a request to the Treasurer in advance indicating the approximate amount needed, then present a Reimbursement Form with receipts to the Treasurer after the event.

Other examples of official travel include Boulder Meeting representatives on IMYM or Colorado Regional committees.  Examples of official training include training in religious education for First Day School teachers, or other training to enhance a person’s ability to perform their assigned role.  In these cases, representatives expecting to need reimbursement should ask the Treasurer whether sufficient funds are available in the budget to cover a portion of the costs and, if so, ask Business Meeting to approve reimbursement. Though not required, it may be helpful for the individual to seek endorsement of their request from a relevant committee, as for example a recommendation from Religious Education Committee to Business Meeting in support of a request for training by a First Day School teacher.  If approved, a Reimbursement Form with receipts for the actual expenditures should be presented to the Treasurer after the event.

If the Meeting is not able to cover your expenses, note that unreimbursed out-of-pocket travel expenses of a chosen representative of the Meeting may be tax deductible as a charitable contribution under IRS guidelines.  For auto travel, you can use a standard mileage rate for non-profits to figure your contribution.


Approved by Finance Committee:  Sep. 17, 2018

Responsible groups:  Treasurer, Finance Committee