Reimbursement Procedure for Meeting Expenses

If you purchase items or services for Boulder Meeting using your own funds, we would like to reimburse you.  Purchases should be within the Meeting budget or approved in advance by a committee or the Meeting for Worship for Business.

To request reimbursement, it is essential to submit receipts or an itemized list of the expenditures.   Download the Reimbursement Form to your own computer, or get a printed copy from the Treasurer or the Convener of your committee.   Fill out the form, attach receipts, and submit them in one of the following ways:

  • E-mail as attachments (doc, pdf, or jpg) to;
  • Place the form and receipts in the Treasurer’s box in the Meeting office;
  • Mail to Treasurer, Boulder Friends Meeting, 1825 Upland Ave., Boulder, CO 80304.

Our bookkeeper will set up the reimbursement.  You should receive a check within a few weeks.

To assist the committees in tracking their expenses, make sure the Convener knows about any expense being reimbursed from a committee budget.  There is a statement on the form to remind you.  Please make a copy of any receipts the committee wants for its records.

Sales tax exemption:  As a religious organization, Boulder Meeting is exempt from paying sales taxes.  Before purchasing high-cost items, please get a copy of our sales tax exemption certificate from the Treasurer and show it to the vendor.

In-kind donations:  Some Friends choose not to be reimbursed for their expenditures on behalf of the Meeting.  This is an acceptable and welcome way to support the Meeting.  We still ask you to fill out the reimbursement form and submit receipts to help us keep our budgeting accurate and to allow us to acknowledge the donation.  When filling out the form, just check the box indicating in-kind donation.  (Please be aware that the IRS expects taxpayers to keep copies of receipts or other documentation for their in-kind donations.)

To obtain special financial reports (such as transaction details or budget status):  E-mail your request to

Click here for the Reimbursement Form, and remember to submit receipts!  To submit by email, download the fillable PDF to your computer and fill it out there, then send as email attachments.