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Conflict Resolution

Conflict is unavoidable and, when handled well, is the key to authentic community.  The following materials were developed by Elaine Yarbrough, a Boulder Friend and professional mediator, for the workshops she led at Boulder Friends Meeting on February 21 and April 4, 2015.

CONSTRUCTIVE CONFLICT: A Simple Guide for Quaker Practice  (PDF)

CONSTRUCTIVE CONFLICT: Understandings for Conflict Workshops  (PDF)

Synthesis of Discussion: Building Use Policy  (PDF)

Conscientious Objection

Selective Service Registration, the Draft and Conscientious Objection


“Eldering” is a mechanism for regulating our community, helping it be the best it can. Because we don’t have hierarchy and structure, we depend on our informal norms to support a healthy, spirit-led, growth enhancing community.  The article “A Case for Eldering and Discipline” in Friends Journal provides constructive advice on the practice of eldering.

Eldering Notes  (PDF):  Summarizes a Program Hour on eldering led by Elaine Yarbrough and Ann Kauffman on March 18, 2018.

Death and Dying support

Our Grief and Bereavement Committee has created a book Going Into the Light: Death and Dying Support for Boulder Friends Meeting which is available for purchase.  Two copies are available in the Meeting library for check out.  In addition, the book can be read or downloaded from Molly’s website at

Section One can be used to create Advanced Directives and helps you think about and plan how you would like to be supported as you are dying. Section Two is for families who are dealing with a family member who is dying, including spiritual support, Hospice Care, and suggestions on how our community can be of support during this time. Section Three focuses on what needs to be done after death. The book offers practical suggestions such as ideas for home funerals, memorial services, green funerals, and cremation.  It describes how to lovingly care for the body of a loved one after death.  It addresses the grieving process and includes ideas from a local Hospice.

A program hour on green funeral and burial in Sep. 2019 featured speakers from The Natural Funeral in Lafayette.  A DVD of the program is available in the Meeting library for check out.  Further information from the panelists is available at and a free online magazine at

Quaker Studies Class 2023

This is the syllabus and resources for a hybrid Quaker Studies class being offered during autumn of 2023, developed by Chris Griffin-Wehr and Chris Braider. The class meets in person at the meetinghouse and on Zoom using the Boulder Friends Meeting link.

Quaker Studies Syllabus 2023 (PDF)

Quaker Studies Class 2022

An online Quaker Studies class focusing on Quaker Spirituality was offered during the winter of 2022, developed by Bill Moninger and Arlene Brownell.  Materials used in the class, consisting of online articles and short videos, can be valuable resources for self-study.  The syllabus below provides references to all study materials and offers many queries for reflection.

Quaker Studies Syllabus 2022  (PDF)

Meeting Documents

Approved Chemicals List  (PDF):  Cleaning products used in the meeting house are restricted to meet the needs of chemically sensitive individuals.

Annual Report of Boulder Meeting of Friends, 2022 calendar year (PDF)

Annual Report of Boulder Meeting of Friends, 2021-2022  (PDF)

Annual Report of Boulder Meeting of Friends, 2020-2021  (PDF)

Annual Report of Boulder Meeting of Friends, 2019-2020  (PDF)

Annual Report of Boulder Meeting of Friends, 2018-2019  (PDF)

Annual Report of Boulder Meeting of Friends, 2017-2018  (PDF)

Annual Report of Boulder Meeting of Friends, 2016-2017  (PDF)

Friends Committee on National Legislation(FCNL)