On impulse, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, last week I ventured out to check on our shuttered meeting house.  Approaching on Upland Ave, the street was cluttered with parked cars and construction vehicles.  Work was going on all around.

New wooden fencing lines the south side of the street delineating the edge of the Crestview School playing field.  Beyond the fence lies a sea of drying mud where basic structures for a new playground appear to be sprouting.  Just east of the meeting house, a new tall privet hedge lines the north side of the street, partially hiding the gargantuan new house under construction there.   Each side of the street provides a huge dumpster and a portable toilet.


The meeting house stands back from all this activity, quiet and lonely.  Weeds sprout along the driveway and in the ragged lawn.  Turn into the driveway, though, for a better look.  In the planter area across from the front door, roses bloom and shrubs planted just last year are thriving.

Much gratitude to those who are caring for “our home” during this lonely time!